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The botanic garden

CosyCamp has both an ecological and educational mission. From the beginning, we worked with the CRBA (Applied Botany Resource Centre) in Lyon, specialised in ethnobotany (science studying the relationship between humans and plants).
Wooded countryside, typical of Haute-Loire, surrounds the campsite. The range of plants used in the hedges and wooded areas includes almost all the varieties of trees and shrubs listed in the Haute-Loire Plant Guide.
You’ll stay in a series of cultivated areas, both useful and aesthetically pleasing, reflecting the farming and horticultural practices in the fields and prairies of Haute-Loire.
The themed gardens allow both children and adults to discover the diversity of plants: permaculture vegetable garden, orchard, Velay red berries, medicinal plant garden, maze and sensory garden for children, fragrant garden near the wellness area.

These three types of landscapes combine aesthetics, utility (fruits, vegetables, aromatic and medicinal plants, etc.) and education (heritage and environmental awareness).
Mowing is limited to maintain biodiversity.
We also work with the LPO (Bird Protection League). We aim to act in a simple and concrete way to favour plant and animal life, and to observe the secret life of gardens (hedgehog dens, ponds with amphibians, insect hotels…)