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rental campsite wellness spa auvergne

If you are looking for a wellness campsite in Auvergne, you are welcome.

During your stay in Auvergne, make the most of your relaxing glamping holiday.

Discover our wellness massage sessions:

  • Relaxing massage with essential oils, 1 hour: 55 Euros
  • Foot reflexology, 1 hour: 50 Euros
  • Swedish massage, 1 hour: 60 Euros

Foot Reflexology: plantar reflexology is a massage of pressure points on the feet, focusing on the arches. It helps fight stress and release tension in the body. Considered an alternative medicine, plantar reflexology locates and treats tension and other dysfunctions in the body.
1-hour massage: 50 euros

Swedish Massage: A Swedish massage is a full-body massage used to tone the body and stimulate blood flow.
1-hour massage: 60 euros

You can book in advance with Regina directly by email or we can organise your wellness break for you. You can also get in touch with her when you arrive, so you can book your massage depending on the weather.
Clients will often enjoy a dip in the Roman Bath after a massage session to keep the relaxation going.
Groups and families can also book à la carte services with Régina. With several participants, you can book a half-session of 30 minutes if desired.