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What is glamping ?

Some holidaymakers often hesitate between the luxury and comfort of a holiday home, contact with nature and the warm atmosphere that reigns in a traditional campsite.
Glamping is a fairly recent concept intended to satisfy these demanding holidaymakers.
A sort of glamorous campsite, glamping consists of staying in an upscale open-air hotel located in a preserved natural setting.
This ecological and environmentally friendly campsite has prestigious accommodation such as fully equipped mobile homes or eco-lodges, and premium facilities.
It is also distinguished by their good integration into nature, the quality of accommodation and services, and the desire to reduce its ecological footprint as much as possible.

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le glamping en famille

Glamping yes, but for whom?

Glamping is especially aimed at nature lovers who wish to have an authentic experience and be in constant contact with nature, while enjoying a high degree of comfort.
Glamping is designed for holidaymakers looking for privacy who want their comfortable accommodation to be set in the heart of nature: in the mountains, in the countryside, in the heart of a forest, by a lake or a river.
Vehicle traffic within the estate is limited, sometimes even prohibited.
When it comes to accommodation, glamping enthusiasts are especially looking for ecological rentals made entirely of wood and fully equipped, such as the Ecolodges at CosyCamp.
Our 100% natural open-air hotel has other prestigious accommodation built with environmentally friendly materials for 2 to 8 people: perched cabins, safari tents, Gypsy caravans, straw huts, XXL furnished tents …
Glamping also means eliminating all visual and noise pollution, and doing everything possible to ensure that guests spend most of their stay outside by equipping rentals with private terraces.

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At the glamorous campsite in Auvergne, you leave the vehicles outside, and this is a detail that creates the spirit of our place. This is a detail that already selects a clientele wishing to take a real glamping break, a glamping experience for a weekend or several nights in atypical accommodation: luxury camping in nature.
No visual pollution, no engine noise, no danger. For the well-being of all. Secure parking is outside.
It’s an effort on arrival and departure, but what a joy throughout your glamping vacation (a new word combining the words camping and glamor).
Another original and atypical element; chariots for your luggage are at your disposal. All the information for your stay or unusual weekend is available at the campsite reception in Auvergne.

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A change of scenery for an unusual stay

To complete your glamping stay in our exceptional campsite with a breathtaking view, we suggest you after a good night’s sleep in the best comfort to explore this beautiful department of France.
The Loire takes its source at Mont Gerbier of rushes a few kilometers from CosyCamp. The last Wild River in Europe, the young Loire flows quietly between volcanoes to Chamalières-sur-Loire where our glamping is located, to open on our site in a circus between Mount Gerbison which rises to 500 m above the campsite, and the basalt peak of Artias, which overlooks our mobile homes and camping pitches.
The area is protected and classified Natura 2000, to preserve many species in addition to the many farm animals, as well as their natural habitat. 115 Bird species to observe: Great Duke’s Owl, Red Kite, Night Heron, …
Many discovery trails along the Loire are available for a perfect glamping stay! To cross it, we provide free canoes. And to fly over it, a giant zip line departing from CosyCamp, your next glamping.
All information is available at the campsite reception.

Original and atypical accommodation

In our campsite with heated swimming pool, all the unusual accommodation in Auvergne are made of canvas and untreated wood, lodge tent at the cabin in the trees.
But be careful, we do not want to install unusual accommodation or atypical accommodation at all costs within the confines of our campsite. In the spirit of Glamping , (a new word bringing together camping and glamor) we seek above all to create harmony , an atmosphere, an exterior aesthetic.
Each installation must be meaningful. It is not a matter of inserting a rented tent in the middle of a row of comfortable mobile homes.
We have worked upstream from the design phase of glamping accommodation with manufacturers … and are still imagining the rest of the history of our campsite.

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Choose your unusual accommodation

You will therefore have in our glamping, the Cottages composed of 2 bedrooms with comfortable beds and 2 bathrooms on one side, Canadian or Amazon tents, perched cabins, glamping lodge and camping site on the other: access to the heated swimming pool, everything to make you spend an exceptional family holiday in an atypical campsite in our beautiful corner of France.
For an exceptional night (or several nights) in our glamping, we offer canvas accommodation suitable for large families:

  • glamping tents with sanitary facilities (10 safari lodges, 2 lodge cabins, 2 robinson tents or a Paillote)
  • a trailer for 2 to 4 people with bathroom and kitchen
  • 13 glamping tents without sanitary facilities (10 Canadian tents and 3 Amazon tents)

and many others. For a more traditional night in the greatest comfort, we offer you a camping holiday in our chalet: the cottage with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, large covered terrace.

How to sum up a glamping experience?

Cocooning, unusual, bohemian, ecolodge stay?
We have selected for you what best characterizes a glamping experience:

  • An atmosphere you will remember
  • The comfort of unusual accommodation
  • A return to basics to better disconnect, breathe and appreciate
  • A state of mind with eco-responsible values
  • An exceptional setting for a guaranteed change of scenery
partir en glamping
Art and nature in Auvergne
Luxury and nature in Auvergne
Land'art in Auvergne
Creations and nature in Auvergne

Glamping, another way to camp

Glamping is a clever mix of Luxury and Nature … And luxury, isn’t it about daring to invest the places in an approach that traditionally only has its place in dedicated places? Are glamping campers having fun? So much the better. U.S. too.
Initially, a few participatory workshops left their mark. Braided willow fences, Colored pencils carved from trees. Then, a breathtaking view develops over an artists’ residence. We have fun using the scenography of nature to set up facilities, for a successful glamping experience in a treehouse or other glamping accommodation, in our glamorous campsite which has no other use than exterior aesthetics and creation.
The result ? Our customers talk about it the best.
Definitely, CosyCamp is an atypical campsite ideal for camping holidays in the heart of Auvergne.

Campfires and homecoming

Fire. The only activity at the CosyCamp campsite … But ultimately, in an ecological camp without cars, far from the urban bustle, a warm campfire at night has its place. The campfire has its role in our quest for simplicity and a return to basics.
Do you know the “Norwegian Candles”? They are made by Fabrice according to a know-how secretly kept by Auvergne lumberjacks.
A tree trunk cut into 16 pieces of cake is lit in the evening on the patio with a piece of paper and a match. And the trunk ignites to burn like a giant candle. Guaranteed effect. You will let your child’s mind wander to the rhythm of the flame!
As for the little ones, they understood it well. The Norwegian candle is very reassuring, and the fire is easy to access to melt a Chamalow that we distribute on the terrace …
Campfire :
We also have a collective zone on the banks of the Loire dedicated to the biggest campfires. Dry wood is at your disposal, it is up to you to make the fire of your childhood and to share moments of complicity with your arsonist neighbors …
Collective barbecues are available and nearby.

An unusual campsite with responsible resource management

To limit our impact on the ground, we have chosen accommodation on stilts in our unusual campsite. And we favor natural materials such as wood and canvas.
The cottages and cabins are made of untreated Douglas fir from the region, the latter being naturally rot-proof. We work in a short circuit, since it was a company in the department that built them. They merge into nature and participate in the beauty of the place.
From the design of the campsite, we approached the Applied Botanical Resource Center in Lyon (CRBA) to set up hedges and groves and numerous children’s gardens.
For watering the gardens, we had 2 wells dug and we collect the rainwater. We use the mulching technique so as not to have to resort to weedkillers. No chemicals are used and weeding is done by hand.
We have also installed water flow reducers on our taps, we compost our organic waste and we invite our customers to do the same. Of course, waste sorting is organized for all rental units. For lighting, our street lights run on solar energy.
Our cleaning products are natural ecological products based on pine enzymes, labeled and certified EcoCert. We work with an ecological dry cleaning: it offers a washing that respects nature: no solvents, no water-polluting components or phosphates and a rational management of water and energy.

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