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Discover and enjoy the glamping spirit in France

CosyCamp makes it easy to make the most out of nature’s abundance. Book your new glamping experience in France !

Our Glamping Accommodation in France

What is glamping ?

Glamping is the “upgraded” version of camping. It’s the ideal way for nature-lovers who want to experience the beauty of the natural world, stay in a quieter, rustic location, with all the creature comforts of home.

When glamping, you stay in various unique, permanent structures like cabins, lodges, huts, yurts, teepees, and tents with beds inside.
What people love about glamping is that they can rely on a good night’s rest, thanks to a proper beds and even cooking amenities.

Some glamping sites offer bathrooms built right in. If you’re staying in a campsite with permanent tents, they may be located separately.
Many of these areas include eco-conscious features like solar-powered hot water or even a pool.
So try the glamping in France !

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Why Go Glamping in France ?

You can experience a different side of the country as you go glamping in France.
As a bonus, you can also avoid large crowds that book out regular camping-style sites.

Of course, France also has resorts that feature luxury campsites. But, again, these are far more populated, booked out, and busy.
Instead, glamping sites remain secluded from busier beach locations or holiday towns, but they’re still close enough to these iconic areas for easy access.

Overall, camping this way with your family in France opens you up to a whole new experience.
You can connect with locals and enjoy a slower pace of authentic, French life while on holiday. Sample regional cuisine, discover hidden hiking trails, or simply relax in that famed French countryside you’ve been dreaming about.

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The Tree House

Are looking four a tree house in France ?
This is not your average tree house. This campsite, sleeping up to 6 people features an expansive wooden treehouse. It’s full of amenities and located high above ground for an unforgettable family holiday.

The Safari Lodge

True to its name, the Safari Lodge keeps you close to nature with its tent, while offering a fully-stocked canvas bungalow when you’re ready to retreat from the elements.

The Lodge Cabin

Half a cabin and half a tent ! Discover a French dwelling that takes you back to several hundred years with its beautiful wooden paneling and timber structures. Inside, you’ll find modern amenities designed to accommodate up to 5 people.

The Hut

Don’t be fooled: This “hut” is more like “Huttopia.” An unusual and modern dwelling, The Hut is a fully-equipped 2-bedroom rental complete with bathrooms, a kitchenette, and more.

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The Cottage

The Cottage is one of our most popular campsites for an extended family or a large group of friends as it can accommodate between 6 to 8 individuals.

The Gypsy Caravan

Calling all hippies and trailer nomads! The Gypsy Caravan is for you, man! Inside, you’ll find enough space for up to 4 people, with amenities like a bedroom, small kitchen, and even a terrace.

The Robinson Tent

Remember the tale of the Swiss Family Robinson? Well, The Robinson Tent is perfect for your family, featuring two separate sleeping levels, accommodation enough for 5 people, essential equipment, and a private bathroom.

The Canadian Tent

Built to withstand the elements and give you direct access to the river, The Canadian Tent is the master of glamping accommodations, featuring 2 separate bedrooms, kitchenette, terrace, and more !

The Amazon Tent

Tents like this one get you as close to nature as possible. The Amazon Tent sleeps up to 5 people, features a kitchenette, and an airy terrace for the ultimate camping adventure.

Family Glamping in France

Discover a completely different way to experience the outdoors with luxury glamping accommodation at CosyCamp.
Stay in our unique, multi-person sites and structures and enjoy incredible, eco-friendly activities like zip lining and adventure trails. CosyCamp offers the perfect ambiance for an unforgettable glamping trip, French-style !

Our unique and eclectic collection of glamping lodges, cabins, huts, and tents are unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.
Every campsite car-free and full of nature-focused activities. Set up a few camping chairs on your terrace outside or on the sprawling property all around you. Stargaze and tell stories around the dinner table.

CosyCamp also features special, common areas such as The Family Room, a spot where you can access canoes, wooden games, a play centre, library, TV nook, and more! Take a dip in the swimming pool or head on a safari to the hiking trails all around

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Glamping in France for Couples

Be prepared for the camping experience of a lifetime. CosyCamp’s luxury campsites are unlike anything you’ve witnessed before.
Ignite a fresh spark in your romance or get closer in a weekend than you have in months as you enjoy the private, secluded accommodation designed with love down to the last detail.

CosyCamp’s iconic glamping accommodations make it easy to appreciate and bask in each other’s company as you relax, unwind, and reconnect with each other.

Couples can go on hiking and zip lining adventures, take a long dip in our pool, paddle about on an adventurous canoe ride, and more.
Once you’ve had a chance to experience the beautiful bounty and abundance of nature all around you, head back to your campsite to freshen up for an intimate dinner at the bar and restaurant, with a lively and fun ambiance, located in the main Family Room.

Glamping with friends

Glamping in France is just the perfect way to unwind with friends.
Embark on the best glamping adventure with your gang, and spend an unforgettable vacation. Auvergne has something for everyone, be it scenic hiking trails, impressive medieval architecture, or delicious local cuisine.
Bring along your like-minded glampers for the best available haute camping experience in the area. Together with friends, enjoy fresh morning air, traverse the Loire river from north to south, walk in the wood and through ancient local towns, and discover the region’s famous volcanoes and spas.
Nature seminars are provided on-site, contact our staff for more info on current activities.

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The culture and the nature

Once you have booked your accommodation, start planning your stay. Auvergne is best known both for its impressive nature and rich history.
Make sure to go on a hike along the winding Loire river, and don’t miss the Beaume waterfall, the mount Mezenc and the volcanoes of Haute-Loire.
The emerald-green vegetation, fresh air and unusual landscape are the signature qualities of this area towards the south of France. Should you crave more culture, Haute-Loire has got you covered: check out the modern creations of the legendary Le Corbusier, or hop on a train to Chaise Dieu and visit the formidable Chaise Dieu Abbey Church.

So, to sum up, what to expect from CosyCamp sites :

  • Whether you are traveling with your best friend, family or with your partner, our luxury glamping sites are sure to provide a wonderful experience to you and your fellow travellers.
  • CosyCamp a plethora of unique and unforgettable sites. Tucked away in the picturesque Auvergne in rural France, they will allow you to get better acquainted with French local traditions, while staying close to nature.
  • Currently available accommodation types vary from romantic huts in the wood to spacious safari lodges to tree houses, suspended mid-air.
  • All necessary amenities are provided for an extra comfortable stay.
  • Contact our staff any time if you need more info about the CosyCamp glamping France and check out the rates and availability on our website
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