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4.5-hectare car-free campsite

You’ll leave your vehicle outside the campsite, a detail that defines the spirit of the site. It’s a detail that attracts campers looking for a real break. No visual pollution, no noisy engines, and a safe setting. All for the wellbeing of kids and adults alike. The secured car park is outside the campsite.
You’ll need to make a bit of an effort upon arrival and departure, but it makes for such a pleasant stay all throughout your glamping holiday.
Luggage trolleys are available.

The site: the gorges of the wild Loire River

The Loire River begins at Mont Gerbier de Jonc, just a few kilometres from CosyCamp. The last of Europe’s wild rivers, the young Loire peacefully flows among the volcanoes to our campsite in Chamalières-sur-Loire. Here, it opens to a wide valley between Mont Gerbison, 500 m above the campsite, and the rocky basalt peak of Artias that overlooks our pitches.
This protected area is listed as a Natura 2000 site, to preserve the wildlife and their natural habitat. Observe 115 species of birds, including eurasian eagle-owls, red kites and night herons.
There are plenty of discovery trails along the Loire. Hop in one of our canoes, available free of charge, to cross the river. Or, fly above it on the giant zipline at CosyCamp.

Original accommodation

All our accommodation, insulated or not, is made from canvas and untreated wood. Our unique accommodation and unusual accommodation keep with the spirit of glamping and create a harmonious atmosphere and an outdoor aesthetic. Each accommodation has its purpose and its place. We wouldn’t put a rental tent in the middle of a line of mobile homes. We worked closely with the manufacturers to match our concept, and we’re constantly imagining what’s next.

Art and nature in Auvergne
Luxury and nature in Auvergne
Land'art in Auvergne
Creations and nature in Auvergne

The land art experience, or art in nature

Glamping is a perfect blend of luxury campsite and nature. And isn’t luxury about daring to take over sites in a way that doesn’t traditionally belong? If the glamping enthusiasts are having fun, so are we.

In the beginning, a few of our participatory workshops left behind their mark: braided willow fences, crayons sculpted into the trees. We also had artist residencies. We have fun using the backdrop of nature to make works of art that have no other use than outdoor aesthetics and creation.

The result? Our clients can tell you best. Yes, CosyCamp is most definitely an unusual campsite, a unique campsite.

Campfires and a return to the roots

Fire is the only entertainment here at CosyCamp. A warming campfire is a perfect fit for an eco-friendly campsite with no cars, far from the bustle of the city. The campfire plays an important role in our quest for simplicity and a return to our roots.
Have you heard of a Norwegian Candle? They’re made by Fabrice using know-how secretly guarded by Auvergne’s lumberjacks. He cuts a tree trunk into 16 pie pieces and lights it on the terrace with a piece of paper and a match. The trunk ignites and burns like a giant candle. An impressive sight! Let your childlike wonder dance with the flame.
The kids will love it too. The Norwegian Candle is very safe, and the fire is perfect for roasting marshmallows that we pass out on the terrace.
We also have a common area on the edge of the Loire River for larger campfires. We provide the dry wood, and you can create the fire of your childhood and share in the memories with your pyro neighbours.
Shared barbecues are also available nearby.

Sustainable resource management in glamping

To reduce the environmental impact of our glamping campsite, the accommodations are on stilts. And we favour natural materials like wood and canvas. The cottages and the cabins are made with untreated Douglas pine from the region, a naturally rot-resistant wood. These accomodations built by a local company, blend into the surrounding nature and contribute to the beauty of the site.
From the very beginning at CosyCamp, we worked together with the Applied Botany Resource Centre (CRBA) in Lyon to create hedges, wooded areas and several gardens for children.
There are two wells for watering our gardens, and we also harvest rainwater. We use straw bale gardening to avoid using weed killers. No chemicals are used, and weeding is done by hand. 
We’ve also installed water flow reducers on our faucets. We compost our organic waste and invite our guests to do the same. Recycling bins are available for all accommodations, and our outdoor lights are solar powered.
We use natural, eco-friendly, EcoCert® labelled cleaning products made with pine enzyme.
To clean your bed linen, towels, blankets, we work with a local eco-friendly dry cleaner, providing sustainable laundry services with balanced water and energy management, with no solvents, water pollutants or phosphates.

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